Monday, May 28, 2007

= Exam's Over. YEY! =

Yey!! Final exam's done!! Wee... So what did I do once it was done?hmm... I went home and watch "Mind Your Language" :{ Yea, I know it's kind of lame rite?I should be going out partying, or go for an outing, or jz a movie would b fine.*sigh* everyone was away either back to their hometown or something. Mayb they want to go back fast since June 1st is when our training starts. I'll be going to Shah Alam and the rest are either going to Penang, PJ or KL. I hope none of them goes to some "ulu" east coast area and chop trees ya. haha. no offense ya to the ones over there. ^^V.

I know I have not been updating this as frequent as last time due to the exams, but I managed to get some pictures when we were cleaning the house though.

Step 1: Move trash up to high grounds

That's Kenny's territory.

This is the zoomed version. haha

Yey!! Who wants footprints on their face?

There're also a few pictures I would like to share too

Jillian~ ur supposed to learn Digital Image Processing!

dude~ u too. erm...seriously, Maple Story!?

This is how she watch the house. Ever ready to pawn someone. ^^ haha.
She's a cute girl after all.

I really wanna go for Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Who wants to go with me?



lilo said...

i want to go watch!! haha

-waiseng- said...

haha, jom! Let's go. U back in M'sia ald?

Omoi said...

Wow. I haven't seen Maple in a looong time.

Glad you got through exams.

-waiseng- said...

Thanks Omoi