Thursday, June 7, 2007

= -waiseng- goes to work =

Well I have finally experienced a true working experience. It's not that nice as u guys think. Basically, u glue your ass on that less than rm100 chair from 9am to 6pm. You'll be asked to do task and sometimes if u feel bored of doing the task u may surf the net for not more than 20mins.

Week 1 Day1:
Office is in Shah Alam Worldwide Business Park. Jz next to the Federal Highway. So when I entered, I was greeted by a nice lady, the secretary. Waited for the other MMU trainees to arrive. Yes, I was the first one. I know I'm good and punctual :D !st I met Hidayat, follow by Amaline then Aswad. Very nice people. After the boss came in(he was late :( ) and briefed. I was assigned to do button icons for his current project. I must say that inside the office is a little dark. Every time during lunchtime, when I walk out the main door, it's like you're going out from a dark cave. Argh! My eyes!

Week 2 Day 1 - 4:
Haha, Im lazy! Still on buttons, using Photoshop and Ms Words. owh? Words!? hmm.... ok?~ u the boss. Actually these few day was ok, I even brought manga to read in the morning. ^^

LoL Im so gonna capy paste this into my weekly log for MMU. Good thing that I have a blog ya?


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