Sunday, July 1, 2007

= Fine Sunday =

It was a perfect Sunday! What I'm doing is like every one else. Then 9.30am: RINGGGG~~!!

early bird gets the worm ^^


Look at the amount of unagi i took, the mussle, the
siput thing and chicken. Hot Dog was good.


They give nice cups for teas.

Behold, they give big piece of lamb. Happiness

salmons and cods. with Tau Miu.

Eda-something... HAHA. Nice!

I took this to have a pic of it only. haha. Prawn in Jelly. YUCKS!

Nice layer cake and choc-cheese.

I dunno what's it called, but it a sweet-red-octopus.

egg roll and green tea waffle

Fried cod

This is nice. Fried baby crabs.

So full!! haha, so next week die-hard 4.0 o not??

This is the most heart-broken thing happened today. Look at the date.


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