Tuesday, July 24, 2007

= Vietnamese Cuisine =

The same day that I bought my Nohohon Zoku, I went to ! utama for dinner. Tried their Vietnam Kitchen which is next to Chillis. The ambiance is cozy and the price is quite reasonable.

If you have noticed those bulat-bulat thing, that's the
Vietnamese Farm Hat. They use it as lamps. Creative!

I ordered the Beef Noodles. They separate the taugehs, lime, chili, and the green vege(I dunno what's that. I think it's mint leaves gua.) The soup was great! It has the chefs recommendation as I saw a *star* on the menu.

Curry Chicken Rice

Next is the curry chicken rice which has the chef's recommendation too. The curry is quite spicy. Loved it. HEHE. Normal Malaysian curry has potatoes but this they replace it with sweet potatoes. Fan Shu.. ^^

Seafood fried mee

This 1 is good too. Even my cousin cleaned that plate for them. HAHA. The gravy all kena sapu habis. I think the noodles is made from the chef himself.

The utensil's holder is nice

This is what they give at road side dimsum stall. -_-!
Nvm, it's nice. The chopsticks on the table also can.


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