Monday, July 23, 2007

= Nohohon Zoku =

Look what I've got from...

Toys "R" Us

Nope, they dun sell corn there. HAHA

This is a limited edition. It's created for celebrating TOMY's
5million sales ofthe other guys.

Yeap... It's cute. It's for the car ^^

It says it is environmental friendly. It's made from corn I guess.
That's why there's so many corn pictures there.

Wanted to get this all along. But I couldn't think of a place to put it. If you guys want it, you can get it at Subang Parade's Toys "R" Us. When I got mine, there were only 5 left. Better be quick guys. :D But if you want the normal versions, there're a lot over there. The pink, orange, green and the red 1. They got the plant version too.



William Leong said...

how much was it?

-waiseng- said...

hi william, it's rm39.90 :D

heidi said...

hehe... I have a blue one in my car. :) Pressie from my church friends. :D

but it's not the corn one... haha.

btw, there's a shop in one utama selling these oso. quite a lot. and other designs as well. :) it's the shop near tgv. (old wing) :D

lutfi belwael said...

hey heidi.. im looking for this in 1U. what is the shop called?

-waiseng- said...

lutfiI dunno about the name of the shop but it's next to Old Town Kopitiam

heidiYea, they even have the ones with mickey mouse design. ^^

Matrician said...

Uh... there are actually people who believe that these are for the car?? Huh?? How did you get that stupid idea? It's not a bobblehead. It's something you put on the shelf or on your desk - that's why it is solar-powered (as opposed to a bobblehead). The nodding mechanism is much too delicate to work properly in the car.