Thursday, July 19, 2007

= Weekend trips =

Met up with Tzeting in Melacca, then we watch DIE HARD!! Yeap... the 2nd time. I think I've been contributing to the movie industry quite alot. They should give me like a member card or something. Like if u go watch Transformers for the 1st time, then u get a your card stamped, then if u watch Transformers again, u get a 2nd stamp but this time u pay 80% then if u watch the same movie again u get a 50% discount. Sure increase sales wan.... ^^

After getting our tickets, we had our lunch at Secret Recipe's at Jusco which is opposite MBO (what's MBO btw? Malaysian Box Office? hmm...). Wanted to try their cakes but we were running out of time for the movie. Nvm... near my hse also got... can go there try also ^^.

One weak point about MBO is that cinema is freaking cold. It's like the whole room is a huge freezer. Watching a 2hour plus movie in a semi-freezer is quite unpleasant la...

We went to the Pahlawan Mall or something(I forgot what's the mall's name. Y do they have to name it Pahlawan. Not POWER also -_-") cos I've never been there before. The shops there are quite nice but it only has one floor. The main area was quite presentable but near the arcade side, it's more to LALA shops. -_-" what an eye soar... As if Times Square has not enough, need to spread through out Malaysia.

After walking about an hour, we sat at Starbuck for some blended Frappucinnos. I took the Azuki that is not recommended to all. Cos it's too sweet. Tzeting ordered Mocha that was kinda nice. Not too sweet. Next time if u guys wanna order Azuki, try telling them "Macha, Azuki kurang manis satu please" HAHAHA ^^

Tzeting, me, Kelvin, Joe and Phoebe
(at last! Im taller then Kelvin ^^)

Met up with those guys for dinner, at Seoul Garden. Supposed to meet up with Connie but she wanted Melaccan Food. The food in Seoul Garden, Penang has more variety then the Melacca's. Prefer Penang's one more though...

Next morning, went for Chicken Rice Ball!! Yey!! I found the The Chicken Rice Ball shop after searching high and low. BUT!!! It was so pack that we need to wait under the hot sun. -_-! nvm la, walk to the other 1 which has an old Chinese Temple architecture.

Nice Lanterns

Need or not ar? That shop with nicer Chickens also dun have this. many people...

aiyo, why shy shy popular ald also shy shy. ^^

see the other 2, steady only. Jz give sleepy faces

This shop makes things from fine wires. Cool. I wish
I know how to do that too.
It looks like a VW Beetle. Herbie + Bumble Bee?? HerBee@BumbleBie?
Same name oso. No FUN!

Why do u guys wanna make things like this? Can u do stuffs
that have a little Melaccan elements?
Or should I say Melacca-nish?

Baba Chendol, must try. Nice

The Interior

I'm sorry that the picture is quite blur, but I'm sure that
is the December 1932 Playboy Melaccan Issue's Centerfold.
Now only no shy shy ma. Can go for photo shoot for August Issue dy.

OK, then balik to Subang lo, Bryan came with me too. At least got some1 to talk to, not so bored when driving home.

Imagine adding 4 or 5 biji back. Makan ald. Guess how much!? rm30!!!
haha, Dad brought back from Melaka. Need to order wan. Not from
Uncle Lorry wan.

Im going for a cruise trip departing from Singapore to "somewhere". HAHA. It's a free vacation from my dad's company. Yeppie!! I need a new digital camera lar. The old cybershot always emo me wan. The lens got some attitude problem lar...

So for the cruise trip, I had to go Subang Airport to "update" my passport. It has been very long since I had my last vacation using a passport. Dusty ald. Visit Malaysia Year ma. HAHA ^^V

Everyone has to wait at least 2 hours to for the passport to be

My passport's pic is printed on the passport with hologram inside. So Minority-Report la. OK, Im being a budak kampung now. HAHA....

Then my family and I went to Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur for Dim Sum at 3pm? haha...24 hr wan..

Nowadays you dun really see this anymore. Unless in some
old town..


This DAI BAO (Big Bun?) is really DAI

What does a 'Cashiser' do har? And you dun hire servers, you have
to buy them. Anyways y do u need servers for? dun wan waitress meH?

Awww Man, r u trying to make people of Subang Jaya fat? You evil Hartz Chicken Buffet. -_-""
So when are u guys opening ar? 1st 100 customers got free coupons ar?? HAHAHA....


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