Friday, August 24, 2007

= Cruise Trip 2007 part II(Day1) =

We had to take a bus down to Singapore to the cruise center. It was a trip organized by my Dad's company. So there'll be a huge group of people going. A total of 88 people. We went there by 2 buses with a bus attendant each. And mine was as annoying as HELL. *giving lame jokes and stuffs*

So we reached here about 5pm. T.T Half day gone.

I heard this 1 is the largest among all Star Cruise

Bro and me

This is a Quad sharing room. This room utilizes all the spaces.
Every square inch!

This is the view they gave me. -_-!

This is the lobby. Got the Palace of Golden Horses feel rite?

This is their emergency safety boat.

My room has 4 of this. ^^. It even got a light indicator. Nice

The rest of the night we went into the casino and then lepak-lepak. Didnt take alot of pictures using my camera though, cos it was a battery sucker! A lot of the pics is with my friend.

Anyone can enter the casino age 18 and above. Only genting needs >21. -_-!!

=Day 1=


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