Wednesday, August 29, 2007

= Cruise Trip 2007 part III(Day2 & Day3) =

The cruise provide SO MUCH food from 6am to 1am which is from the buffet section. They got the Indian food, Japanese food, and the local food. And the best part was, it's ald included in ur cabin fee. U can jz stay in there from 6am-1am. haha. Sadly I didnt get any pictures of it over there.

Later there's a game show. I was one of the participant. Playing 'Guess-what-I'm-doing-without-me-talking' game. The theme that time was on movies and musics. Our team won!! And it was a record that the Guy's Team to win for the 1st time. B4 we became champs, the Girls always win. haha. They gave us each a fake-Gold-medal for the champs. *Dun hav the pic yet, will upload later*

There's also a Western Cuisine Restaurant. You have to dress properly to eat there. No shorts, Tshirts or Selipar Jepun.

I forgot what's this, but it's not candy.^^

It has a nice atmosphere, good to have a romantic date.
If ur lucky, u can get to have the ocean view.

After dinner, it was the most anticipating show, that was what I thought b4 the show, the TOPLESS Dance show. They're from Ukraine or something. Honestly the show wasn't great. Jz 10-15 girls jumping around without covering their boobies. It was very boring and a real disappointment. *sigh*

Then went to a very small disco which is at the end of the cruise. Met up with a few frens over there. The crazy ones. haha... got to know 2 Indonesian-Chinese girls there. Very friendly.

After Partying!

All the drunkards, haha.

Who took this? so blur wan

They provide a card for you too. It can be a credit card where u can spend it on the cruise and also u can unlock ur room doors. They let u bring back home too. hehe, for souvenir purposes. ^^

Check out. Balik Rumah. See u next time Ms Virgo!


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