Friday, January 25, 2008

= Bangsar =

Bangsar, the land of the rich and famous *erm, sort of. Where parking your car on the sidewalks cost rm10 and it is a double park. Bad services are included. Anyhow, it's still a very nice place to hangout as there are a lot of nice bars and cafes. It is also a center for people that needs retail therapy always.

It is very thoughtful from the boutique owners to put a couch in their stores for the boyfriends to wait for their girlfriends when they are getting their "treatments" :D In one of the shops, they even gave a very comfortable couch facing the fitting room accompanied by magazines on the coffee table. It's like the first class seats in fashion shows. Maybe second class, cos there were no people serving beverages, haha.

Who's that foxy lady?

Come back later for more updates k?


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