Sunday, January 27, 2008

= Groceries =

Brother's in MMU orientation, parents went overseas and left me and her alone in the house. Guess what I did after a "sien"-ing session of studying......... I went to Giant and bought some groceries. Yea! I bought groceries ALONE. FOR THE FIRST TIME. One may think that "It's just groceries, stop making a fuss out of it". But, how many bachelors you know buy groceries on their own? Minus the ones that follows his mom (including the "previous" me ^.^) to Giant or Carrefour or with their girlfriends for "masak-masak" during dinner.

Anyways, I'm actually making a big fuss out of it cos I'm so bored at home. *run towards the lazy chair and watch Travel and Living on Astro*



lilo said...

haha, so cute la, i think men who does grocery shopping are sexy ;) haha

-waiseng- said...

LOL, sexay~ Then what do you think about men that does his grocery shopping in Pasar Pagi? XD