Thursday, January 10, 2008

= Outing To The Zoo =

Went for a gathering to the National Zoo, KL with the Lowyat forumers. It was a very knowledgeable outing where all the photography enthusiasts share information among each other. * I just absorbed information cos I got nothing to squeeze out :( *

I got quite a lot of shots, but some are blurred, out of composition and some are not meant for the human eye :P

Mr Big Bird

The ostriches look a bit like their prehistoric cousins as seen on TV. Since my lens cant zoom far, I have to go quite near to take this picture. I was so scared that it was going to attack my lens. *wiping sweats away*

The parrots has already pass the zoo test with flying colors. It weren't cuffed and they were out in the open air.

An army of dSLRs


The caterpillar stole the attention of the army of dSLRs. There was a leopard nearby and no one was shotting it. Poor leopard. Its name is "Manja".

* here's the thread from Lowyat.


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