Wednesday, January 2, 2008

= Photography: KLIA =

Went KLIA for some shots. :) Didn't get pictures of the plane though *I need better lens*. Here goes...

Control Tower

Control Tower

Waiting Area

I jz love pictures with light trails

This pic was quite dangerous. I actually stand at the center of the road to get this shot. haha


We had our break there. Look at the the M. Yea, it's the KLIA "mamak"

wk, the photography enthusiast.


P.S anyone wants to come along for the next photography session??


auds said...

pretty good shots. :) what camera?

there seems to be too many other (strong) light sources in the light trail shots, kinda waters down the pretty trails.. but yea, for a photo, we sometimes put ourselves at risk.

all the best and keep up the good work!

-waiseng- said...

Thanks auds, Im using d40x. owh.. the lights are too strong? ok, will work on that. :) thanks for the comment.

lilo said...

i want to follow! i want to follow!

-waiseng- said...

Lets go! weee

Im going to the zoo this saturday. u wanna go? :D