Friday, February 1, 2008

= Mango Mania =

So, back from my previous post in Bangsar, I said that I'll update it soon. It turns out the 'soon' I was referring to is the one-week-soon. LOL. Was kinda busy with my supplementary exam paper which I am supposed to pass. Damn it. Another issue was that my desktop emo-ed me out of no reason. And I have to reformat it *which is not done yet, computer still in emo state*. I wanted to edit my pictures using my desktop, not that my laptop cant get the job done. It's just that I'm used to do my work using a desktop. The laptop is just for surfing, blog hopping and watching movies only. Solely for entertainment purposes.

Lets get things started. After meeting Ms. Vian in Bangsar Village, we headed to Mango Mania which is located opposite EON Bank. It's very near Bangsar Village II, you wont miss it.


We took the couch section. It was quite comfortable to relax or spend your whole time there surfing the net.
Mango Cube-Cube

This is what I ordered. Personally, I don't really like it. It's ice blended mango with cut mango cubes at the bottom with syrup. Maybe the mango used for ice blend wasn't that sweet.

Mango Yogurt

This is what Vian called. I would recommend this for a try. Not too sweet, just nice. When we went to the counter and see what we would like to call, the attendant offered us yogurts to test. They had mango and vanilla yogurt. For the cut mango at the bottom, u can choose a few kinds of mangoes to your liking. There's Chuckanan *dunno spell* and a few more. Price varies. The Indian Mango was the most expensive.

The funny part was after Vian tried the 1st super-mini-scoop and I finished the whole thing. HAHAHAHA. It was an accident ok? I didn't realize that when I tried to scoop it, the whole thing stick to the plastic spoon. But u ordered mango yogurt at the end rite? ^^

This little cutie was hanging around us all the time. Always looking at Vian, she only looks at me when I'm taking her picture. LOL. She brings along the coloring book and try to show us. Erm, not like the "nah, see lah" kind of showing. It was like, she goes next to Vian and open the book, without saying a word and wait till u look at it, then flip to the next page. She was quite shy. And the most surprising thing is, I saw her again when I was having my dinner with wooikhang in puchong after a few days. But this time she's singing CNY songs in the restaurant. LOL

*I wanna be like Vian Jie Jie when I'm older*

*Hello? Balai Polis? Saya kena harassed by cute girl*


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