Wednesday, March 19, 2008

= Hong Kong Airport =

Went to Hong Kong for my mid term break when I there're still loads of assignments yet to be done. -_-" way to go!

I would not bore you with all my whining complaints on my undone work and present you my journey to HK.

Me and my family boarded the early flight which is from Cathay Pacific. Got the 9.30am flight but reached KLIA about 8am. Got our Big Breakfast in McD and headed to the waiting lounge.

They got Tv's in every seat.

It's like MTV's Pimp My Ride where 1 car has about 8 LCD screens. LOL

Still in Malaysia

If you see closely, there's Cathay's print on the cup

Oh look, it's Jeremy Clackson.

Me, Dad, Bro


HK government doesn't encourage people to smoke. Even on the streets. If someone has to get a few puffs, he has to smoke beside the rubbish bin. Streets are kindda clean, unlike Malaysia, cig butts, sweet warppers, plastic bags etc -_-!

This was taken in the airport


and again, people

There are still shops in HK airport but I didnt really snap pictures of it cos I was rushing. A lot of designer brands in there which I haven't heard of.

Stay tune for my next updates yea.



Akira 思胜 said...

Oh, nice post!!! Wanna see for more photos in Hong Kong!!!

-waiseng- said...

hehe, abit bz, but will post asap =)

BeverLy's Secret said... ah?
Cathay airline service is good.. But the seat slightly too pack for me...I prefer more leg room...kekeke...

It will be Ok for 3 hours flight from m'sia to HK...But it was killing me coz my flight is 24 hours... keke...

-waiseng- said...

yea, it was good.

wow, sitting for 24 hrs is torture. U cant move freely and it's hard to always ask the person next to you to move when u wanna go to the washroom.