Sunday, April 13, 2008

= Mariah Carey - We Belong Together =

I love songs from Mariah Carey but I'm focusing on another subject in this video today. Try figuring out who's inside

Yep, it's Micheal Scofield(Wentworth Miller) Mastermind from Prison Break.


Hugo Lim said...

Prison break~~~~~

ViaN said...

i love this song since long time ago :D

Anonymous said...

MEi Sim : When i 1st saw this video, Wentworth Miller really caught my attention ^_^ ooo he's so hot =D ... erm i wasn't a fan of prison break at that time =P

-waiseng- said...

[hugo lim]
Yeaaaah Man!

Yeap, Mariah Carey is a very good singer.

[MEi Sim] haha, this is an old music video by Mariah Carey. I don't think Prison Break is in production yet. Maybe Miller was still new in the industry.