Sunday, April 13, 2008

= ISS Night =

I went ISS Night(International Student Society) last night and it was a total let down. I reached on time at about 7.00pm to wait Kenny for the tickets because he was holding all of them. After he came and with his friends, we went in sharp at 7.30pm. There're a few points that I don't like which is when we enter the hall, I expect people to come serve us with drinks. All they did was they put a big bottle of mineral water on the table with 10 empty glasses. I'm not complaining about the empty glasses, but why only one bottle of mineral water? Some didn't even get to drink because of late arrival or went to the washroom as it was already finished.

Secondly, the cheerleading team from MMU was practicing on stage while waiting for the guest to fill up the place. I guess it was their final rehearsal. I don't mind them rehearse on stage but the cheer sounded like they were screaming or shouting at something.

Another thing that I'm not satisfied was the performance. It was done all by students and I'm not blaming them for their bad performance due to lack of practice and "assignment?" At least ISS should hire some professionals to perform there. One might say, "The dinner is only RM30 lah, don't so be fussy lah". =D True also. So, I can't complaint much on it. I like the performance from Indonesia, where they were doing the robotic-wave-thingy.

The one that I'm really complaining is the food part. The food came very late when the it was supposed to be served at 8.45pm according to the program leaflets. Another thing is that when you go to functions like this, you get quality food or food that looks and presentable. What they serve was a plate of bryani rice. Yes! Only a plate of bryani rice I repeat! with 3 small pieces of chicken meat, beef and a white cream-like thingy that taste like sour peanut butter. Taste wise was below expectation and it's not presentable at all especially the beef. I'm not making this up and hear is a conversation between Anna and Celine. "Celine, the thing that your eating taste really nice. Is it beef?" asked Anna. "which one? this?" Celine points at the chicken. "No, the other one.....Err..the POOP THINGY". " -____-" YES it's beef and I've lost my appetite". LOL! Seriously, that beef really looks like POOP. Kenny and the gang on the other table was laughing their asses off.

We did something entertaining too. There were floating balloons. And I know you guys know what we did after that and it was freaking funny inhaling helium. ^^


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