Sunday, April 27, 2008

= Wanted =

This poster pic is so cool! and it doesn't look like those normal posters you see in GSC or TGV. Cant wait to watch it.



connie said...

i am so tempted to get a tattoo! on my wrist!

aaaaaaaaargh *faints*

-waiseng- said...

Go get it :D

I like girls with tattoo. It shows attitude. But girls with a tattoo sleeve are....yerrr~


connie said...

aiyaaaaa... i am so tempted to get one. almost got one ady..

but but but..

i scare my company dun allow their employees to have tattoos :(

so have to get it somewhere.. where the public eye cannot see

*gasp* :p

-waiseng- said...

lol, wear a long sleeve during an interview la. then after accepted then can tunjuk belang abit. :D

Wht kind of tattoo u wan on ur wrist?

炒米粉Ken said...