Monday, June 2, 2008

= Bagan Lalang Goldcost Part 1=

Nath told me about this beach in Bagan Lalang nearby Sepang where it is really nice to take photographs. So we ask people from Shoutout to join. So the people that came was Jessica, Steven, Eugene, Eri, Michelle, Aaron and Daniel.

White Sands

The sands are so fine and white. I've not been to Redang or Langkawi before, so it's white to me if compared to Port Dickson. :)

jessica + steven

yeng mou?
gaya or not?
cool rite?

michelle and eri





steven + me

nath's digging crabs out

eri + eugene

act cool pose

strong wind

It was really windy that day.

~I believe I can fly~

see, I'm already flying

It's also called the "pangsai" pose. :D

nath flew too

then came along steven

eugene is getting jiggy with it :D

aaron + michelle + nath + steven + jessica + eugene + eri

daniel is having a good time

hamster face

That's it for part 1, stay tune for more :D



Jessica said...

ur post super-duper is AIMING me betul-betul lo!!! isssshhh~~~don't blame me hor. ada consequences de. ngek ngek ngek!!

-waiseng- said...

where got wei~~ T__T

I post all cute cute pics ma ^^

Jessica said...


Aaron@AxiaL said...

I appeared in background a few times XD

Akira 思胜 said...

haha, i hope someday I can take some photos which I wanna jump!

-waiseng- said...


haha, ya lo. that's wht makes the picture nicer xD

it's so fun. we did lie 50x. It's a good exercise also.

ViaN said...

Dear Mickey......

I was shock when i saw ur photo..!!!
omg.......... u really diet???? or ps ur photo before post up.. wahaha :p

-waiseng- said...

dear vian,
really or not? dun bluff me wor. HAHAHA ^^