Sunday, June 1, 2008

= Meeting Phoebe =

Haven't seen her for ages. Hari called me up to tell me that this girl is in town, asking me whether if i want to see her. Of coz, she is so fun to hang out with. Always giving me lame jokes. Of cos we were exchanging them, lame jokes that is.


I suggested that we go for Wendy's since me and the rest of them have not tried it before.

Baked potato?

Not nice!

My 1/2 pound beef burger

This is nice!! I went there twice and i ordered the same one twice. The beef is so juicy!

The drinks for medium size is more then enough for an asion stomach. Because you still got ur burger and your taste-less fries. The fries are only tasty if you eat it with their chili sauce. The normal-free sauce you pump it yourself. I have yet to try their special chili sauce.

Phoebe with her fish burger.

After makan, we just went jalan jalan to kill time cos she has clubbing "sessions" later as it was still early.

kester + phoebe + clifford + hari

We just took photos behind the plant cos everyone busy wan posing but dun wanna shift to different place to take pictures. -_-!

What are you doing!? That's wonder woman you know.
She kicks ass you know!?



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