Friday, June 6, 2008

= Bagan Lalang part 2 =

Continuing from my previous post,


I think this is a beach bar that operates at night. It's so nice hanging out there at night sipping a glass of wine and listening to waves splashing. Maximum enjoyment.

The guys busy shooting

So nice

From this view, it actually looks kinda surreal. Plants popping out from beach sands.

Nath's bag

Later when the clouds turn dark, we seek shelter at the nearest restaurant and we didnt know what is going to hit our taste buds hard.

My Milo shake

The Horror

This one is the worst Ikan Bakar I had in my entire life. I think they gave us some Ikan Busuk Bakar. And we were really sure that we ordered Ikan Bakar, not Ikan Busuk Bakar.

The second I put a piece into my mouth, urrrggggghhhhhh......... So as everyone else. Me and Steven tasted it first, then we jz kept quiet to see the expression of the others. HAHAHA funny sial.

The girls



Dragon said...

nice photos and nice outing! for sure u have fun!

-waiseng- said...

Yeap, u should try going there too :)

Clareen said...

yup. Am into photography.

hahaha next stop. Uhm Fotokem Sunway Piramid is having a model shooting sessions courtesy of Nikonian. =)

and some other talks about taking nice pics.

Akira 思胜 said...

Nice outing for u!!! and nice crabbie... hahaha...

Nath said...

hahaha, and i ate all the busuk fish !! yeww ... hahahaha