Monday, August 4, 2008

= Xgig Plug & Play from XFresh =

The night before Daughtry's concert, went to Plug and Play with Shaz outside of Sunway Pyramid. He was the official photographer, and I was the unofficial spectator with a camera only. :D

The rehearsal

Sumo suits!

1 vs 1 basketball cage

Suit up!



They fight macam boxing -_-

mr Panasonic

This guy damn good. Macam Ronaldinho

Then nearby there's also a car show for modded cars. So nice

XFresh DJs

people started to come

Shaz's in there. All blacks!

One of the Dj's too

All the makwe pakwe ahmoi ahpek machas there

Lead singer of Frequency Cannon

You see this rocker? You know wht's his other profession beside being a rockstar? He's a dentist!! OMG This is one smart rockstar dude


nice meh? White nicer, macam skunk

Then we went to Daughtry's!

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Akira 思胜 said...

the last photo macam samseng pulak, hahaha...