Friday, September 12, 2008

= The Taylors College Dance Club Presents Dance Arena =

Sandra invited me to Taylors College as she was the official photographer there. It was so nice of her to teach me about event photography. Thanks :D

We have to be there earlier so get familiar with the location. It was my first time stepping foot in to the college ya, even I have been a Subangite for more than 10 years. But I went into Inti once know? LOL

The rehersals...

that's one of the judges

Noticed the trash bin matches the outfit? I didnt know that until I transferred the pictures into the computer.

Everyone with a ticket can come in. With goody bags too!

Liang, the host

First saw him in Daughtry's concert.

the three judges

macam butterfly kan?

the DJ

the crowds

let the games begin

the host

I love this picture most!

Then came the strippers, :D

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

No more stage 4?

Liang the POLE!

Liang called 2 girls up to do some dancing and he got high and wanted to be in the middle =D

the 100% Latino(T-shirt).

I don't see any Latino flavors from him though, then he said his girlfriend's a Latino...Awwww :)

then came 2 Fly FM Dj's

running brightness(jao kong)

The came the pirated The Wade Robson Show.

This red t-shirt guy's a pro. So he'll do some dancing and the participants on the back will follow.

they all include their own sense of style into their dancing

these are the 2 finalist.

That's the guest DJ. He seems to be very popular in Euphoria.
Anyone knows what his name is?

Let's start dancing

Apparently, the 2 girls on the left is from Kazakhstan. Send me regards to Borat ya :D

Pump pump pump!

Liang asked two guys up and take 3 girls each on their back and so some serious pumpings. That's so motivational la. If I got training programs like this, my arms will be like those wrestlers in WWE in no time :D

Do you wanna know who's the winner?



Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, the performance is awesome!!! Haha, I like the rubbish outfit...

Anonymous said...

the performance look awesome hah..missin all this time in college :)

-waiseng- said...

rubbish outfit? I hope he doesnt see this :P

yea, I'm missing the study life too :(

Alice Teh said...

Wah Wai Seng, best! Thanks for sharing the photos and so nice of Sandra to teach event photography. :D

-waiseng- said...

yesh, she's a very kind person :D

Jamie said...

wow... cool performance!!