Friday, March 30, 2007

= The Unpaid Bill =

HEY all! It has been long since my last entry. It's due to the unpaid bill. -_-! Normally I pay my bills once every semester which is 4 months for long semester and 2 1/2 months for short. But this time I guessed they were pissed at my unit. LoL

Shouldn've have return my Maxis modem. haha. But it only limits 3Gb of downloads per month.

It also comes with a telephone. The great thing is that you dont have to plug it into the 'conventional' wall phone socket like Streamyx does. Just plug it into the MAXIS MODEM.

Last week, when I was coming out from the FCM(Faculty of Creative Multimedia) toilet (2nd Floor) there's one big 'pentagonal-banner' or whatever u guys call it hanging from the forth floor till ground-zero first floor. I thought I was in a mall or something. Cool~

Why FIT doesn't have cool things like this!?

I think they are promoting FCM for the new intake

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