Saturday, March 31, 2007

= FeedEx-ing Exquisite FooD =

When I was going out this morning, I saw a sticky sticked on my gate


At 1st I thought it was FedEx promoting some food thing cos I saw a hamburger on the advertisement. When I took a closer look....EH~? FeedEx? Chun name weh!

From the link, the ordering system is still under construction. The founder said it will be up next week. So I guess Im going to oder it for two whole weeks, Yey! FeedEx is the MMU's CyberP course project. So its only for a few week. Hope they'll continue longer ^^.


lclun said...

Saw this one at the gate too, thought FedEx is expanding its business plan =)

SheHui said...

Two of my primary skulmates are involve in this FeedEx project too. They told me last week dee... hehe... very nice leh.

Waiting it launch!!

-waiseng- said...

That's good, cos I got a friend is in the group too. So ur hse n my hse are going to buy from them. Let them have A's in CyberP. HEHE.

lclun also need to help o... kaka

SheHui said...

lclun ar, help promote to ur housemates. =)