Friday, March 30, 2007

= A Hectic Weekend =

I had planned to stay back in the 'Digital City' for the weekend to finish up a project by FedEx given from a friend. Since she was expecting great video editing from this "IT" guy, so I didn't want to give her a lousy work. I'm still trying or getting used to this video editing software though, cos I'm still a noob at this. So I was doing my editing from Friday till Sunday then I took a break and took a look at my Animation & Rendering assignment. It was a total shock! when I saw the dead line was tomorrow which was on Monday. Worlds crumble and panic starts to run in my veins. I called up Jillian who is my partner in it about the submission. WAA!! So I did some lousy-last-minute work on it and went to Jillian's house to combine her part into the project. When I reached there, Jillian suddenly got a high fever. OMG, double kill~ So on the eve of submission, a noob and a comrade that wasnt fit for battle ran into the battlefield. LoL. So we did the assignment till midnight. A lot of problems couldn't be solved. Luckily Belle(Jillian's housemate), gave me TongSui. Thank you Belle.

Rejuvenate and revitalized.

STILL CANNOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. -_- So I suggest to Jillian that I go home and finish up the report lo. When she open the gate for me, she was like in a dilemma and keep saying sorry that she didnt do much in the project. Nevermind la, you were sick ma. Somemore want you do more work meh when u are sick. That's not what a gentleman will do, HAHA.

After a few days she was warded to the hospital. Poor girl! But now she all energetic and ready to join Steven's Pizza Party this coming Sunday~ woohoo.

Speaking of this, what should I get for this April Fool guy. -_-? n93? k800i? hmm... LCD? 22"...hmmm....

Mayb I'll jz wish him Happy Birthday.HAHA

I think this female moth is abit horny. It sticked at 'that' part since I walked from the library until the FIT building. ^_^!


SheHui said...

paiseh ar, gentleman =P make you so tension that day. I will very ganbatte in the assignment II de!!!

Steven's birthday party eat pizza ar? woohoo... nice nice... hope I can eat more la. Since in hospital I saw pizza advertisement, but can't eat that time. haha~

I also donno give what as birthday present... Mr. Steven like what eh?

-waiseng- said...

hahaha, the best present comes from the heart. Jz wish him a very sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY is enough lo. Since he ald has everything. kaka