Saturday, June 30, 2007

= Hugo Lim's Bday =

I'm sorry that I havn't been updating this for like ages. So I've uploaded afew pics of Hugo. I know it's like months ago, but it's still an event rite? hehe.

This was where we ate for dinner. Summers Steamboat Sunway.
I'd say it's much nicer than Yuen Steamboat.

Top: Dayze, Bryan, me, Keat Meng and Voon Fei
Bottom: Belle, Damien, Kester, Wooi Khang@Hugo(Birthday Boy), Steven and Jessica

We didnt push him face down. He did that on his own. He likes to me Mr. CakeFace. ^^

Belle said she's practicing to be a Director. hehe.

Mah Buds!

So we were cramping into the small tiny lift trying to act...erm....cute?
And I dunno where the hell are the rest.
I know all of them were inside. Or mayb it's jz the bday boy missing.

So he was hiding behind. Hmmm... and what were Jess and Steven doing?!

This was taken in Sunway Pyramid. Doing renovation. Frankly who came out with this idea?

Me n KM


Voon Fei






Di said...

haha.. the photo u guys took in the lift is nice! :)

dayze looks hawt in that picture too! :P

-waiseng- said...

:P we took a few shots to get the right angle. hehe... dayze always look HAWT wan. We call her piao-liang wat. Beautiful in Mandarin. ^^