Saturday, June 16, 2007

= Week3Day5 =

What have I done? hmm....still the same ol'stuffs but more. I wonder how am I going to put it in my report.

"Same as last week. Refer to the previous report."

haha, but yesterday was a shocker! He gave me a Wacom tablet to draw, in "MS WORDS"!! WHAT THE - !! It's like ur giving me a Ferrari with a Proton engine. -_- Summore that time he has the guts to laugh at me saying u haven't used it before?! So nvm, I be a noob. I'll let him demonstrate on how to use it. So he sat there nxt to me for 10 mins sweating with his pride on the line. haha. At last he can't draw nicely, he jz left it and let me handle the rest. haha. The problem is that the tablet is not hard to use, but to a person who is not familiar, like me....and my boss, it's hard. Takes time to get familiar with it.

K, nuff of works. Spoils the mood! So on the same day at 6pm, left the office then to Kelana Jaya to see Jessica, Steven, Keat Meng n Richard. Had a simple meal and we stared trading gossips. Cyberjaya Campus vs Melaka Campus. Wasn't a fun as last time tho with Richard, he seems distant, oh well, maybe he got so used to books and all, or maybe dun mix around with us as last time. OR MAYBE HE GOT PISSED BECAUSE HE TRAVELED AN HOUR IN THE LRT AND ALL HE GOT FOR DINNER IS A FRIED CARROT CAKE(LO PAK KOU). hmm...I wonder -_-?

This Monday is a new year for MMU, new intakes will be coming in. WELCOME to MMU Cyberjaya.



lilo said...

this is how it will be like for some time to come during internship, it's like, wat did i do this week? oh same as last week, only that i got one extra line in my coding. haha :) have fun

belle said...

i can help u "kao tim" ur job related to drawing with descent pay ! >:)