Friday, June 8, 2007

= Week2 Day5 =

yes! This is a day that I love love most. Weekends!! YEY!

Here's my weekly log. Boss came in late as usual, but today was good! 11am. How nice. I can slack fr an additional 2hrs. But then.... I didnt, I did my work instead. Drawing using mswords is tiring and my seat is so high up that i need to slouch to level my eyes with the monitor. *sob* I need a higher table la~

My company has 2hrs of break on Fridays for prayer, so i gotta go home and slack abit, hehe! Go back office also abit late. When I went in, boss went back ald, -_-. That's a good example ur showing dude. Late in early out. He's using the STACK function in his DNA system i guess(Programmers, if u dunno what's this, go back and read ur programming books again ya). So I did my drawings in mswords again, then slack at 5pm. YEY! read SamuraiX summore. Dun prey prey.

Can't wait for tomorrow's UVnation@1 utama. I bet there're bunch of hot chicks there. see u guys there ya if ur going!


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