Monday, April 14, 2008

= HK: Lunch =

Looks yummy rite?

Banana tak tau baca

In HK, almost every restaurant uses this cup. It looks like a mini beer mug with the holder for tiny little hands.

Wantan mee with no wantan

The mee here has very a strong "kan-sui" taste. I forgot what's it called in english. Some kind of acid that preserve food I think. It's very hard to eat it because of the taste. yuck!

Tong Fan

Tong Fan is literally called Soup Rice. It's a very simple dish but nice. A bowl of soup and white rice and pork balls in it.

The food sold here are expensive compared to Malaysia. Me no likey :(



BeverLy's Secret said...

Finally..your HK post is here!!
I want "tong fan"...

P/s: my hubby will kill me if i really do so..

Satkuru said...

mmmmmm looks yummy, lol. how expensive is expensive? but the food should be good right?

Akira 思胜 said...

Tong fan ler, I wan also lor... eh, why so little pics nia ler...

-waiseng- said...

[beverly's secret]
I got another 1 up :) The tong fan is nice :D

Who will your hubby love if he kills you. I don't think he will even give u a pinch. ^.^

Err, let's say u get a really nice wantan mee here at RM3.70. RM4 max. And u get an "tasted ok" wanton mee in HK at HK$45. That's like RM22.50 here. LOL

Yeap, tong fan is nice. Loads of pics coming up. I'm jz letting you guys see it slowly. :)