Tuesday, April 15, 2008

= HK: Streets of Hong Kong =

This time lets go to the streets of HK. This is part of it only, cos I would like to bring y'all on a chronical journey. LOL

It was only about 6pm and they lit they lights up ald.

Taxi in red. I wish the next one I see is yellow or white

Seriously, everywhere u go, every corner you go u will see people. HK is so crowded and it's hard for me to breath. *suffocating*

My shop ^^

oooooo~~~ dun think of naughty stuffs

Get set, ready...


I dunno why HK people likes to eat sushis.

I passed this lane a few times on different nights, and it is always pack with people.

HK bus stop. It has all the route and which bus to take. Unlike Malaysia, you only know if you ask people who travels by bus daily.

In Malaysia, we call it Machines.

Where do you want to go now?

Selling Babi at 50% off?

Fishy fishy


Me and the bus :D

and again, wait for my next post ya! :D


Satkuru said...

22bucks for wan tan mee @_@ ganas ! now that's expensive. i mean reallyyyy expensive >_<"

LOL wanna teach me double stars some more, hahaha. i'll ask you after you become prom king ok ? agagaga

BeverLy's Secret said...

I so want to visit HK...
My friend always ask me to look fro her in HK...ARGHHH...

Thx for sharing...

Akira 思胜 said...

Hong Kong is so nice!!! Always watch the HK movie, and see the sceneries over there... but don hv the chance to see actual in photos...

thanks for sharing ya...

-waiseng- said...

yea, it's very expensive. their teh ais also around rm10 - 15.

Prom King? haha, dun think ill win la. there're alot of candidates that are way cooler. LOL

[beverly's secret]
psssst...tey asking ur hubby to bring u there. ^^

yea, very nice to go there. go by air asia la, it's cheap now i think

Chobits said...

Haha, funny shop name, underwear and babila~

So fun~i might be going to HK at the end of this year. >.<

Waiting for your next post k. ^^

Mei Wah said...

i am saving money for HK for sure! always have the chance to see HK in drama, but i want to experience it myself!

-waiseng- said...

hi, thanks for dropping by. Yeap, they got alot of funny names for their shops.

Yey! It'll be a very nice trip for you. How long will you be visiting there?

[mei wah]
When I was there, I was in quite alot of places as seen om TV. It'll be a very good experience to go there if you are a TVB fan. Who knows you might see them filming as well. :)

Akira 思胜 said...

haha, have to save some money also mar... cannot say want to go then go... If I have a bank then that's different story lar... haha...