Thursday, April 17, 2008

= ISS Night part2 =

From my previous ISS Night post, I was complaining about this and whining about that. In this post, I managed to get 1 picture from Celine only.

me + Celine

When I saw this picture, I realized that I'm getting older and I "look" more mature now. Heck! I'm 24 now and I'm going into the working life in a few months time and yet sometimes I act like a 10 year old around people I'm close with.

Celine and the people on the table are really friendly. They are Nath, Anna, Johnathan, Johanathan's partner from Lim Kok Wing, Jee Hor, Laura and Glen. Most of them are from CF(Christian Fellowship).

P.S. Getting the pictures from Nath soon :)



1 cool lass said...

look more mature is good wut...means becoming more manly adi ^^

-waiseng- said...

:D yeap. MANLY! LOL